Zinc-flake coating


Effective alternative

As alternative to zinc-plating process we offer system zinc-flake coatings NETOX AT. Zinc-lamella coatings corresponds to the high quality standards accepted in automotive industry and exceed galvanized coatings by properties

Quality basis

Inherently of zinc-flake coating is inorganic oxide matrix connected which the metal compound  a mix or an alloy zinc and aluminum flakes.

Thanks to such structure coating has following benefits:

  • possibility to apply uniform coatings on a thickness similar to the galvanic deposited coatings
  • High corrosion resistance of coating in a combination to excellent cathodic protection
  • possibility to apply some coat layers for increase of the thickness and corrosion protection
  • Absence of hydrogen fragility of covered steels
  • Working capacity at the high temperatures
  • Stability to liquids applied in cars: to gasoline, engine oil, liquids for a screen wiper and for cooling
  • Good adhesion to a basis
  • The technology of coating is similar to coloring

The compromise of anode and barrier protection

Thanks to a certain combination of zinc and aluminum particles the maximum barrier properties of a covering are obtained, but anode activity of zinc, sufficient for maintenance of cathodic protection in the neutral salt environment thus remains. In the process of corrosion forms the protective film of oxide the aluminum on a coating surface, decrease speed of anode coating dissolution process. However at damage, for example scratching, the coating shows protection properties, provides high degree of cathodic protection.

Wide field of application

System NETOX AT can be used as a protective coating in automotive, sea, the air-industries, and also for coating of fasteners.
Absence hydrogen fragility allows to use a coatings for engine details as there is no hydrogen embitterment of a steel at heat treatment.
System NETOX AT allows to obtain coatings with excellent adhesion not only to a steel, but also to such difficult substrate for galvanic processing as cast-iron.
The technology allows deposit a coating on details of various dimensions from small fastener, nuts and screws to large-sized construction.

Ecology, adaptability to manufacture, efficiency

The coverings received on the basis of NETOX AT don't contain ions of Cr-6. Besides, at use of this process it is not formed waste waters and it is not required treatment facilities.
The technology of coating is similar to coloring, producible and doesn't require rigidous control of process-dependent parameters. The basic parameters of process (viscosity and concentration of suspension) are easily sensed and corrected without the difficult analytical equipment.

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